Frequently Asked Questions
Why use a relocation service?

Moving to a new location ranks amongst the Top 10 on the global scale of personal stress, so it’s important to leverage as much knowledgeable support as available to you.

The extensive preparation that is required for departure and the inevitable arrival, coupled with the unknown of your new location can be daunting. Our understanding and assistance to find home, school, and connectivity will contribute significantly to your relocation becoming a positive experience for the whole family. We take care of the multitude of essential factors involved so that you can concentrate on your assignment and starting life afresh in your new surroundings.

What personal documents do I need to have to apply for a property tenancy?

All real estate agencies require scanned copies of personal documents to complete a 100-point security check. The most important of these are:

  • Passports for all family members
  • Proof of employment
  • Drivers licence especially if this has a photo image
  • Identity card, if issued by your country
  • Utility (electricity, gas, water) accounts from your previous address showing the address and your name
  • Name and contact details of an employment reference (could be the HR contact) and a personal reference of someone who knows you
Can you inspect properties for us as we cannot travel do this ourselves?

Yes, if you are unable to travel to Adelaide or to regional areas, we can act as your advocate and inspect properties on your behalf.

What about our pets?

If you are coming from overseas, you can certainly bring your pets however it is important to become familiar with the entry requirements. Most of the process must be completed months before travel and is clearly outlined in the Australian Government website Click Here

What is the school system of South Australia?

The South Australia school options is robust with high quality government, private and religious schools. A child must turn 5 before the 1 May to begin school at the beginning of that year. Enrolment in some government schools is highly competitive and proof of a property either purchased or rented for over 12 months is needed before qualifying for enrolment. Government schools are located all over South Australia, each school has a surrounding area that they take enrolment from. Private school enrolment requirements can vary however the location of a property is not a determiner of entry. Fees for private schools tend to be much higher than government schools with information on this available on individual school websites. Some private schools have Early Learning Centres on site. Religious schools are conducted by a variety of religious groups. Their fees are generally less than private school and often about the same as government schools. More information is available on www.sa.gov.au

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We offer obligation free quotes for our relocation services and we're always happy to answer any questions you may have about how we can assist you to get settled sooner.

What our Clients Say

"All the stress of moving was lessened by Lyn’s ‘can do’ attitude and exceptional care”

Dan relocated from Sydney with 3 children

"The service was extremely thorough, professional and very personal"

Dean and Lori, relocated from Canada

"Their knowledge of properties and Adelaide made us immediately feel we were in safe hands"

Kevin and Jo relocated from Brisbane

"The follow up after we find our home and children’s schools was fantastic"

Elinora relocated from Spain

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We’ve helped people working abroad or interstate to feel right at home. We’ve assisted people to relocate from the United Kingdom, Europe, India, South Africa, the United States of America, Canada, South America, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Indonesia, as well as well as transferring from Australia.